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HeadERP Solutions a qualified Human Resources Consultancy, has been established with the purpose of being a partner in enabling Companies to source effective professionals of high competence in the field of IT/ITES, Banking/Finance/Insurance, and Manufacturing sectors.

We recruit across various industry segments for multinational corporations as well as leading Indian business houses. In the past few years, we have helped form the careers of over many professionals and have partnered with many multinational companies to set up and staff their operations in India.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Chennai hiring scenario improved

The overall hiring scenario in the country improved in December as recruitment activities picked up pace across various sectors, with bright job prospects forecast for this year, according to Naukri.com.The Naukri Job Speak Index index climbed to 928 in December as compared to 922 in November 2010.For Chennai in December 10 was at 850 as compared to 891 in November 10, thus indicating a decline of 5 per cent month on month. 

Traditionally, this fluctuation is due to end of year holiday season where companies generally scale back their recruitment plans.Hitesh Oberoi, CEO and MD, Info Edge India, said, “2011 brings forth renewed optimism in the employment scenario. Job seekers can look forward to happy times ahead as Job Street will start gaining momentum in the first quarter and accelerate by mid year.’’An in-depth analysis of the indices shows that auto, oil and gas and construction sectors registered positive monthly growths of 8 per cent, 5 per cent and 4 per cent respectively in December over November.’’

Hiring activity in the telecom sector dipped to an all time low this month with the job index moving down by 16 per cent in December over November. Hiring activity in the IT- Software sector maintained steady hiring levels this month while hiring in the BPO and banking sectors dipped marginally by 4 per cent and 3 per cent respectively. Nevertheless, on a year on year basis, the IT sector is up by 28 per cent, ITES is up by 29 per cent and banking up 11 per cent in December 2010 over December 2009. As  how the overall hiring scenario improved, similarly in headerp solutions pvt ltd, the hiring scenario gets improved each and every month.

source: Express buzz

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Headerp solutions pvt ltd,  is one of the pioneer Business establishments in Chennai, India with state-of- art development center at HeadERP Chennai employing very high skilled software professionals. HeadERP is SAP Certified NetWeaver ISV on XI, EP, and NetWeaver-J2EE based solutions and it is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company. We have a separate division that is into Human Resources Consulting

At headerp solutions pvt ltd, we understand that business objectives take precedence and technology should support achieving these objectives. We view technology as a means to an end, rather than an end itself.

We follow a unique approach in consulting that is data driven and communication oriented. Instead of dry, academic reports, we provide live, graphical solutions that serve as convincing proof of why (or why not) a certain action must be taken.

Monday, January 24, 2011

successful ERP consultants attributes

The bus heading to REC Trichy is packed with alumni and ready to leave from the hotel portico. But before joining his batch-mates (1981-85) for a literal walk down the memory lane, S. Rangarajan, a Bangalore-based SAP consultant (http://bit.ly/F4TSRangarajan), shares with Business Line a few interesting insights from his consulting experience. We continue our conversation over the email…
Excerpts from the interview.

What aspects of SAP consulting have remained the same and what aspects have changed during the past 15 years since SAP became popular in India and abroad?
If SAP consulting were to be considered a product instead of a service, its lifecycle has been that of a typical successful product – an introductory phase, followed by high growth and maturity.
The early nineties were the period of introduction, the mid and late nineties were the period of intense growth, and the last 10 years have seen a mature phase emerging. These periods have also been reflected in terms of availability of skills and the rates paid for consultants.

The nineties were characterised by severe shortage of SAP skills and sky-high rates even for inexperienced consultants. The current mature phase of SAP consulting has seen the commoditisation of this space, and only the most valuable and niche skills command rates that were commonly prevalent during the growth phase.
During the initial introductory and growth phases, the customer focus was to somehow complete the implementation of SAP. During the mature phase of the lifecycle, customers started finding ways and means to improve the utilisation and exploitation of SAP and allied software. The focus has therefore shifted to results-oriented implementation. SAP consultants have also had to change focus during this period and have had to provide value for money instead of simply showing up.

Also during this period, several buzzwords have been promoted by SAP. These include mySAP.com, APO, BW, Netweaver, BO, SEM, SRM etc. Not all these have raked in the moolah for SAP consultants. On the other hand, consulting in the core ERP (enterprise resource planning) product continues to be the bread and butter, more than 15 years after the introduction of the flagship R/3 product. The skilled consultant in the core ERP continues to be well respected by customers and peers alike.

Among the buzzwords and concepts promoted by SAP, Business Warehouse and Business Objects have been exceptions in terms of growth and demand among customers. Consultants who have been able to combine core ERP consulting skills with BW and BO skills have been the most successful in recent times.
In summary, what has remained the same is the focus on core ERP implementation. What has changed significantly is the focus towards results-oriented consulting that delivers value to the customer.

What are the required attributes to be a successful ERP consultant?
ERP consulting represents a confluence of technical skills and business skills. Any consultant worth his/her salt brings a blend of deep business understanding and the ability to translate business understanding to ERP functionality. The “one size fits all” concept does not exist in ERP implementations – each industry has its unique business drivers to which ERP implementations need to be tailored in order to ensure that the potential of ERP implementations to transform businesses is exploited to the hilt. Additionally, the ERP implementations must be flexible enough to enable the customer to adapt to changing business needs.
A successful consultant is therefore acutely aware of the business drivers within an industry and is able to tailor the implementation to suit these requirements. For instance, the FMCG industry works on the stock and sell model and depends on efficient and responsive supply chains in order to be successful. In this distribution-driven business, manufacturing and purchasing have to be in sync with product distribution to ensure that the shelves are stocked with the right product in appropriate quantities.
On the other hand, a heavy equipment manufacturer, who operates on a make to order model, looks to efficient utilisation of assets such as plant and machinery, inventory, etc., in order to minimise total cost of operations, thereby maximising profitability. Consultants who are able to correlate business drivers with ERP functionality are generally extremely successful and sought after.

Additionally, an in-depth understanding across various business functions is regarded particularly highly by customers. This is especially true of the SAP consulting space where consultant skills are typically restricted to one or two modules. The consultant who is able to demonstrate breadth of understanding and expertise across multiple business functions and is able to design end-to-end solutions spanning multiple business functions is regarded very highly and is usually exceptionally successful.

Your views on the adoption of SAP in India, and how different it is from other comparable economies.
Somewhat similar to the lost decade+ of the late seventies and eighties in the context of IT (information technology) hardware and especially the mainframe, India skipped a generation of MRP and MRP-II packages and transitioned directly to the ERP-era during the nineties.
SAP was the harbinger of the ERP-era during the mid-nineties; and the next few years have seen an across the board acceptance and adoption of SAP and other ERP packages. SAP has been by far the leader in the country with a market share that has been upwards of 60 per cent ever since its introduction.

Customers who transitioned to SAP typically had a history of home-grown software being the legacy application that was replaced by SAP. For instance, companies within the TVS group persisted with home-grown solutions for a long time but transitioned to packaged ERP eventually.The situation in the developed economies was different and legacy applications such as MFG/Pro, MANMAN, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft, BaaN, etc. had already exposed customers to the benefits of integrated business software. Transitioning to ERP such as SAP was a logical next step for such customers.

The widespread use of SAP in India is another aspect that is different from what is generally seen in the US for instance. The SAP market share in the US is a little less than 30 per cent, as Oracle, JDE, etc. have also seen widespread use in the US. Consequently, SAP usage and implementation skills in India are some of the best, and Indian customers and users are generally the most demanding in terms of expectations from an SAP implementation.

How portable are SAP consulting skills to other competing ERP software projects?
I see the “modular” focus of SAP as a disadvantage when it comes to utilising acquired skills on other ERP software projects. While the depth of SAP within each module is a considerable plus and helps the development of consultants vertically, the casualty is the breadth of knowledge across business functions – the so-called “integration” skills.
Having worked initially in packages such as MANMAN and MFG/Pro, I was initially shocked and surprised to see the singular focus on module-oriented skill acquisition when I transitioned to SAP. Training classes were modular in structure; consultants were expected to know one or two modules at the most and nothing more pertaining to the breadth of SAP.

As a result, the proportion of consultants who can be considered experts in the integration between different modules is miniscule even today as compared with the total number of consultants who profess to have SAP expertise. For instance, in a make to order environment, the integration cycle encompasses sales, manufacturing to the order, procurement against the order, and associated accounting and costing. To implement the complete cycle for a customer takes a minimum of 3 to 4 consultants working together.
When it comes to utilising these compartmentalised skills in other ERP projects, consultants may end up with inadequacies as they may have to take responsibility for a wider part of the functionality than they have been accustomed to in the SAP world.

What according to you are the top 3-4 reasons for the failure of SAP projects?
1) Lack of top management commitment to the project.
2) Project being an IT-driven project instead of being business-driven.
3) Assignment of inappropriate/ inadequate business resources to the project, and business resources not being full-time on the project.
4) Poor quality of consulting resources on the project.

Are ERP software companies sensitive to the requirement of emerging economies such as India?
Although this was not the case initially, the size of the market, the opportunities offered by the market, and the availability of a large number of good quality developers to localise, have enabled ERP software companies to scale up their offerings to suit the needs of the Indian market.

A case in point is the development of India-specific extensions to ERP software packages so that local taxation, customs and import regulations, payroll etc. have become an integral part of the package instead of being an add-on. It took a while for these aspects to be incorporated into the ERP packages but once this was done, any changes to the taxation, customs, payroll, etc. are being quickly been incorporated into the packages.

In terms of functionality, however, ERP vendors have generally been successful in selling the concept of best worldwide business practices to Indian customers who have also eagerly lapped up such packaging of processes and implementations.

source: Thehindu.com

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Headerp sap implementation services

HeadERP solutions pvt ltd provides comprehensive SAP R/3 implementation services. We know it. We understand it. And we know how to make it better - more efficiently - in all types of companies. We have been implementing SAP solutions for more than five years in the world's leading manufacturing, firms. We have proven ability to integrate to SAP business applications. We have a proven expertise of satisfying our Customers in providing the SAP solutions.
Our expertise in SAP R/3 includes:
  • Project Planning and Preparation
  • Business Process Blueprinting
  • Project Landscaping
  • Configuring & Customizing the SAP R/3 System
  • Unit and Integration Testing
  • Post-Implementation Support
  • End-User Training & Documentation
  • Data Migration & System Integration
  • Data Conversions
  • Interfaces
  • Bolt-on Applications
  • Virtual 24-hour Offshore ABAP Development, Implementation and Support Capability
  • Upgrades - Reliable and Rapid upgrades to latest versions

Friday, January 21, 2011

Headerp requires sap consultants

Headerp solutions pvt ltd one of the leading outsourcing and consulting company in chennai  needs sap consultant for one of their new clients with 4+ years and total experience of 6+ years. Minimum 2 full life cycle implementation as a FI/CO Consultant, Cross-module experience in Logistics Module Exposure to Solution Manager Exposure to Blueprint preparation Experience in Test Plans and Results Review Experience in co-ordination of UAT. Obtaining user sign-off and providing post live support SAP Certification End to end Project Life Cycle Management skills Offshore team and delivery management skills Excellent Customer Interaction and Expectations Management skills


Headerp solutions pvt ltd understands all the significant challenges and helps most of the candidates to get recruited in their reputed clients concern. They provide a cost effective solution with competence in different fields. 

ISRO 2011 recrutiment process is ready

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has publicized a commercial regarding the recruitment of young, dynamic and dedicated Officer for the administrative support in the Organization. ISRO deals with Research and development, Space Science and Technology related to the socio-economic benefit of the society at mass level for the Nation.

Minimum Qualifications for ISRO RECRUITMENT 2011:

• Age: less than 35years in age *(11-02-2011) for General category while (less than 40yrs for SC/ST, less than 38yrs for OBC applicants.

• Serving Govt. employees, Ex-Servicemen and Persons with Disabilities are eligible for age relaxation according to the rules.

Full list of Vacancies:

• Group-A Gazetted Post

1) Administrative Officer- 7 (total posts)
Reservation- UR-3; ST-1; OBC-3

2) Accounts Officer- 5 (total posts)
Reservation- UR-3; ST-1; OBC-1

3) Purchase and Stores Officer-5 (total posts)
Reservation- UR-4; OBC-1

* UR- Un-reserved (General), ST- Scheduled Tribe, OBC- Other Backward Class

Full list of Vacancies at North Eastern Space Applications Centre (NE-SAC)

• Group-A non-Gazetted Post

1) Administrative Officer- 1 Post
Reservation- UR- 01

2) Accounts Officer-1 Post

Reservation- UR- 01

Candidates interested for the job, may visit the official website of ISRO

Important date for online registration: (20-01-2011 and 11-02-2011)

Written test date: 17-04-2011

Venues: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Lucknow, Shillong and Thiruvananthapuram.

For Further information users may get directly connected to the official website i.e. http://www.isac.gov.in/CentralAdmin/advt.jsp 


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

IT enabled services from Headerp solutions pvt ltd

Headerp solutions pvt ltd provides a state of-the-art of infrastructure and management for IT Enabled Services and Business Process Outsourcing.
A call center is not just the technology, the people, or the customers; it's all three, and more. It is the core of a business's customer relationship strategy. Their various IT enabled services includes
  • Software solutions
  • Network solutions
  • Technical support
  • Corporate training 
  • Credit card transactions
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Call center management 

Interest in local banking software by SAP

By The Citizen Correspondent

Dar es Salaam. SAB, the banking software publisher  has finalized its partnership with ERP, the East African IT consulting company to bring its services in the region.SAB hopes to bring its Advanced Technology (SAB AT) solution to the region to help in the growth of the banking sector. The technology capitalises on a strong experience of African and European markets, where a high level of flexibility is compulsory in order to give means to the bank to comply with new regulations and to be reactive to competition.

Philippe Schintowski, the International Development Manager for SAB said: “The banking industry in East Africa and notably in Tanzania is at an important step in its overall development, and I really want Group SAB to be an active contributor to its rapid expansion.” He said the choice of a banking solution is a strategic decision. It is the main production tool of the bank, and its major investment for the next ten years. This choice must be based on a pragmatic approach.

ERP will provide the support of Tanzanian IT consultants in the field of project management, together with local skills to be applied to the implementation, support and maintenance of the SAB software.” Mr Salim Khatri, the managing director of ERP Software Technology Tanzania, emphasised his commitment to applying modern technology and introducing new products within the Tanzanian banking industry. He said the “the aim of ERP is to create a centre of excellence to monitor the re-construction and modernisation of banking systems”.

Within the framework of the partnership, SAB will perform a significant transfer of knowledge through its training courses for ERP IT engineers and will provide closer on-going support for future projects. 

courtesy: thecitizen.co.tz

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ERP solution from headerp solutions pvt ltd

Headerp solutions pvt ltd has developed a unique package for Tudawe Brothers Colombo, Srilanka on Tendering , Estimation and Costing Tool.They help you re-engineer business processes and standardize your accounting, distribution, manufacturing and management processes to gain and maintain market advantage. Headerp solutions pvt ltd provides implementation and customization services for leading ERP application like SAP, Oracle Application, BaaN and PeopleSoft. It has the capabilities to run you through the complete ERP Life Cycle implementation process covering activities like Education, Implementation, Streamlining Business Processes and web enabling your enterprise.

Our Teams include experienced ERP consulting personnel. We deploy skilled functional and technical resources on the client site for implementation and undertake offshore development and maintenance responsibilities in the areas of Financials, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing (continuous process / discrete) or Human Resources.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

How does headerp recrutiment work?

HeadERP Solutions a qualified Human Resources Consultancy, has been established with the purpose of being a partner in enabling Companies to source effective professionals of high competence in the field of IT/ITES, Banking/Finance/Insurance, and Manufacturing sectors.

HeadERP Solutions a Development cum HR Consulting Company has built a strong reputation for a systematic, timely and client friendly approach in the area of Human Resources Consulting. The success of HeadERP has been largely driven by commitment and dedication of our Team. Each of them possesses wide range of relevant experience in HR field. HeadERP have always demonstrated their abilities in action with their ability to understand the client's requirement. We are there to service you with the pace of your expectation and to provide HR sourcing in a cost effective way in Recruitment of both Temporary and Permanent Staffs.

We recruit across various industry segments for multinational corporations as well as leading Indian business houses. In the past few years, we have helped form the careers of over many professionals and have partnered with many multinational companies to set up and staff their operations in India.

Offshore software services by headerp solutions

  • Offshore concept of India Development Center (IDC) implies that HeadERP provides a remote facility, which will have dedicated computing facilities, software professionals and even a geographically demarcated workspace to implement the clients' software assignments. 
  • HeadERP uses the clients' approved development and programming conventions, practices, methodologies, and work ethics and ensures that quality is delivered as specified by the clients. This dedicated facility benefits the company in ensuring smooth project execution and also predicting the workload and costs of the remote operation.
  • This center would operate as a 'virtual IS department' of the client company. While the company would have a dedicated team working for it, the entire staff will remain HeadERP employees and would be managed by HeadERP.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sap Erp plays major role in DuPont/Danisco merger

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from SAP is to play a central role in the forthcoming merger between major chemical firms DuPont and Danisco.

The companies are looking to achieve major efficiency improvements in their IT and operational infrastructures following the completion of the $5.8 billion (£3.7 billion) deal, which will see Danisco purchase DuPont.
headerpsolutions pvt ltd
Both firms currently utilise SAP ERP software as a key component of their IT setups, with consolidation of their SAP infrastructures potentially set to offer major technology savings, reports Computerworld UK.

Other SAP systems utilised by the companies include the Netweaver business intelligence program and the Advanced Planner and Optimiser supply chain management tool.

Ellen Kullman, chief executive at DuPont, predicted that the improvements to its IT infrastructure could deliver cost savings of around $130 million (£83 million).

Earlier this month, Modern Materials Handling reported that defence systems provider Symetrics Industries has been able to streamline its operations since introducing a new ERP system in 2008.

ERP is always essential to a organisation and in chennai, the Headerp solutions pvt ltd offer this ERP solution to thier customers in a very effective way and also they provide efffective recruitment in erp and other IT services. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

The mission of Headerp solutions pvt ltd

Every organisation has thier own mission, but Headerp solutions pvt ltd mission is somewhat different and let us see what it is?
Headerp solution
  • They want to emerge as a leading software solution provider by the year 2012 and wants to increase profit for their clients and shareholders.
  • Their aim is to provide cutting edge solution across the globe  and wants to create geographically virtual independent team. 
  • To deliver true competetive advantage by developing market centric solution.
  • Increasing perfromance through empowerment and they want to achieve this by following a flat non- hierarchial corporate culture.
  • To  reward employee at every level by following a policy of equal oppurtunity.
  • Building an organisation through employees who are knowledge driven.
Let all these missions be happen true and it is mission that fullly focus on employees and clients. Headerp solutions pvt ltd is one of the leading outsourcing and consulting company in chennai and providing efficient outsourcing and consulting services.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Headerp- the leader in sap consultant

Do you know which the industry leading software is? It is none other than SAP and the world requires large number of people who knows sap and headerp solution pvt ltd is one of the leading sap consultants in Chennai that has years of experience in this field.  They provide both outsourcing and consulting in various domains and they are the best providers in those fields.   
Headerp solution

They provide both contract staffing and recruit people as both temporary and permanent staffs. The Employers who look for a sap consultant typically look for different combination of interview results, project experience, referrals and certification in that order of priority. Certificate alone will not fetch you job, you also need these factors in conjunction with and only a certified concern can give you those opportunities. Headerp solution pvt ltd is one of the companies that can provide you the other factors in a most efficient way.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Microsoft- The Leader in Erp

Microsoft Corp. announced Wednesday at a press release that Microsoft Dynamics AX is positioned as a Leader in the “Magic Quadrant” for enterprise resource planning, or ERP, for Product-Centric Midmarket Companies 2010, a research report published by Gartner Inc.
In the same report, which this year evaluated global ERP products specifically tailored for companies with 100 to 999 employees with annual revenue between $50 million and $1 billion, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is recognized as a niche player.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant is a research tool used to provide market analysis based on “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute,” which are then used to place companies in one of four categories: leader, challenger, visionary or niche.
Microsoft Dynamics AX has a long track record of customer success and has experienced above-average growth rates in the midmarket. The solution features an intuitive and easy-to-learn and -use Microsoft Office-like user interface, and RoleTailored dashboards. Microsoft Dynamics AX further provides a flexible architecture and solid foundation for partners to develop vertically specific solutions.

“We believe being recognized as a Leader demonstrates our commitment to enabling dynamic businesses,” said Crispin Read, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Product Management Group, at Microsoft. “Our focus on simplicity, value and agility is key to maintaining our position as a leader in the ERP industry.”
Microsoft’s broad partner ecosystem provides a wide variety of individual solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a highly configurable solution, to serve the specific needs of local and industry-vertical customers. While Microsoft Dynamics NAV is targeted at midsize organizations with specialized and locally relevant business needs, Microsoft Dynamics AX supports global midsize and larger organizations operating in multiple locations, as well as organizations looking for a single ERP solution to manage subsidiaries, divisions and branch entities while maintaining a separate headquarters solution.


Microsoft Dynamics Turkey Group Sales Manager Arzu Türker Yılmaz said being positioned as a leader in the ERP market clearly highlighted Microsoft’s ambition to form dynamic businesses. “More than 450 prestigious companies in Turkey have preferred our ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has reference of companies from different sectors and of varying scale like Ağaoğlu Construction, Bürosit, IKEA, Burger King, Mardav, Wilo, Karınca Logistics. Microsoft Dynamics AX, on the other hand, has been used by leading companies in the market such as Çelik Motor, Baytur, Nurus, Dumankaya, Tukaş, Assan Aluminum, Unitim Holding and GAP.”

She also said what helped Microsoft remain as a leader in the industry was the company’s focus on creating value and on taking action with fast decision making.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is used by many companies and institutions in more than 38 countries worldwide. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, the new version of the previous solution, was launched to the market earlier this month.
coutesy: hurriyetdailynews.com

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The role of India in outsourcing

A recent international research proved india as a top outsourcing leader and it shares the credit with other countries like bangladesh. India, have been earning hefty amounts annually through IT outsourcing because of their proficiency in English language, better infrastructure and IP protection. In India, an estimated 700,000 people are employed in the outsourcing sector helping their country fetch revenues worth $11 billion a year. The countries that are reaping benefit out of the ever-expanding IT outsourcing businesses have enough and easily available qualified and technically skilled English-speaking computer professionals and reliable communication infrastructures including satellite and submarine communication links. In view of high costs at home, most business firms, including large multinationals and chain stores, save their costs significantly by IT outsourcing to India, China or Sri Lanka.

But in recent years, IT outsourcing industry costs have been on the rise in these countries because of the mismatch between work orders and available skilled manpower. Bangladesh that earned a paltry $35 million last fiscal through software exports could have cashed in on the cost escalation in the IT outsourcing forerunners if it had substantial number of adequately qualified English-speaking computer professionals and better infrastructures.

Side by side with efforts to meet the demand for skilled manpower and infrastructure, it is essential for the government to extend all possible policy supports to IT firms engaged in outsourcing. Successive governments in recent years have been IT-growth friendly. Yet a lot remains to be accomplished if the policymakers are truly serious about making the best use of recognition provided by the Gartner. Private universities and institutes are churning out a large number of IT graduates and diploma-holders every year. But the deficiency in communication in English language remains a major barrier. The telecommunication infrastructures are yet to be adequate enough to support a major thrust on IT outsourcing. So, there should be no reason to feel elated by the Gartner ranking of the country.

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