Friday, March 25, 2011

Headerp solutions pvt ltd preface and services

Headerp solutions pvt ltd has been established five years before and they have started their business in Chennai, India with an art of developing a center here in Chennai. Headerp always employs very high skilled professionals and it is one of the pioneer business establishments in Chennai. Headerp provides different services and they have a separate division for human resource consulting. Headerp is an ISO certified concern and they understand that business objectives take precedence and technology should support to achieve these objectives.

They want to create geographically independent virtual teams and they wish to provide cutting edge solutions across the globe so that they can develop market centric solutions that deliver true competitive advantage. They want to improve the performance of both their clients and employees by following a flat non-hierarchical culture and want to increase the performance of both their clients and employees through empowerment.

Headerp solutions pvt ltd have a list of products called ERP system, financial system, construction, hospital system, eram notes and inventory system. Headerp solutions pvt ltd provides the following services such as offshore software development; IT enabled services, business processes and embedded technologies. They are one of the leading sap consultant and hr consultant and they always re-engineer your business process in a scientific and technological way so that you can gain and maintain market advantage.  


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Porus Mistry ‘s Updates : Interest Rate Swaps (IRS) in India
Interest Rate Swaps are nascent in India. The market deepened only after RBI allowed corporate
and mutual funds to participate in the market sometime in late 1999. Unfortunately the market has
not seen too much development and activity has been restricted between a handful of foreign and
private sector banks and a few large corporate. The shallowness of the market is also evident in the
wide prices that prevail in the market.

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